Founded in 1970

A Client-Centered Practice


Lauterbach & Associates, Architects is a Ventura County firm offering a complete range of architectural and planning services. As a professional team of experienced architects and skilled support staff, we are able to give comprehensive service to our clients from project inception to the final inspection and the day of the ribbon-cutting.

View of building

L & A (as we are known) has been a part of Ventura County since our founding in 1970. Our roots are here and we take pride in the depth of our knowledge and understanding of our communities. And, like everywhere, this has been a time of change. Having not only seen the changes but having been a part of them, we have unique insights to offer to anyone hoping to build or remodel in this area.

Our region has transitioned from an economy relying primarily on agriculture, oil, and military bases to one of great diversity. Of course we still have beaches and tourists-and the Coastal Commission. Farmlands and SOAR (Save Our Agricultural Resources). We've become a bedroom community for both Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. This brings a need both for housing and traffic mitigation. New industries. New restrictions.

Courtyards Tower

New opportunities.

Green is no longer just another pretty color. Increased awareness of the impact of "the built environment" on the environment itself means new considerations. Some of this is just what we used to call good architecture: taking care to orient the building to the site, using natural light, suiting the design and materials to the climate, making the most of what occurs naturally, from breezes to sunshine.

But green has expanded to many detailed and specialized areas, from energy consumption to environmentally friendly materials, to thoughtful construction techniques and recycling of materials.

Our experience, knowledge, and professional skills are at your service which combined with our understanding of our distinctive area make us highly effective partners in the success of your project.